St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

Student Resource Letter

Dear Pupil or Student,

Thank you for your contribution to the smooth running of the school yesterday. I am
sure you have concerns about the Coronavirus situation. Any worries or anxieties
you have are perfectly normal and it is to be expected that you will have questions
about the situation and how it will develop. In a time of uncertainty like this we find
that we need to fall back on our own character and attitudes. It is an opportunity for
us all to be more kind, more patient, more understanding and more supportive of

At this time we need to rely on each other more and appreciate the relationships and
material things we often take for granted. This is a time to show the compassion,
generosity and gratitude expected of us as pupils of this school by helping others,
sharing what we have and caring for our neighbours. It is also a time to be especially
careful about what we consume, so that others have enough, and to be hopeful in
our outlook. At home, in school and in the wider community please do your best to
demonstrate these character traits as we face challenges together.

There are no plans to close the school at present, but we have put together an
extensive range of online resources if you need to work from home as a result of the
school closing. These were explained in an extended form time this morning.

We have set up a dedicated page on our website which is being populated with work
for all year groups and will continue to be updated throughout tomorrow:

Student Resources

Other important links and information for a wide variety of subjects are below:
RM Unify
BBC Bitesize
Tinker Cad
Technology Student
Maths Watch
Corbett Maths
Get Revising
Ezy Education
Smart Revise Online
Lexia Learning
Bedrock Learning
Literacy Planet

If you are off school for a period of time you should aim to follow the normal working
times of the school whilst at home. Staff will be available to be contacted during
these times. You will also find it helpful to study by following your normal timetable of
lessons at home. I know that those of you who are sitting GCSEs and A levels this
year will be especially concerned about the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on your results. We are doing everything we can to ensure that you especially are supported and that your education continues so that you have the best opportunity for high performance in the summer.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Davis