St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School


St Ambrose Barlow RC High School is a Roman Catholic Secondary School provided by the
Diocese of Salford and is maintained by the Salford Local Education Authority as a Voluntary
Aided School. The school’s Governing Body is the Admissions Authority and is responsible
for taking decision on applications for admission. For the school year commencing
September 2022, the Governing Body has set its planned admissions number at 210, in line
with the Local Authority recommendation based on Net Capacity. 

The Governors recognise that the first responsibility of the school is to serve the Roman
Catholic community for which it has been established. This is focused on the designated
parish communities and the Roman Catholic primary schools that are partners in providing
for those communities. In establishing their oversubscription criteria, the Governors have
also taken full account of the Code of Practice produced by the Department for Education
and the emphasis placed on supporting children in public care.

The nominated parish communities served by the school are:

1. St Marks, Pendlebury, Swinton, M27 6BY (St Ambrose Barlow)
2. St Luke’s, Irlam o’th Height, Salford, M6 7WR (Our Lady of Hope)
3. St Peter and St Paul, Salford, M6 8JR (Our Lady of Hope)
4. St Mary’s, Swinton, M27 4UR (St Ambrose Barlow)
5. St Charles, Swinton, M27 9PD (St Ambrose Barlow)
6. St Edmunds, Little Hulton, M38 9ND (Holy Trinity)
7. Christ the King, Walkden, M28 3LN (Holy Trinity)

The partner primary schools are:

St Marks, Queensway, Clifton, Swinton, M27 8QE
St Luke’s, Swinton Park Road, Salford M6 7WR
St Mary’s, Milner Street, Swinton, M27 4AS
St Charles, Moorside Road, Swinton, M27 9PD
St Edmund’s, Little Hulton, M38 0WH
Christ the King, Walkden, M28 3DW

Parish Boundaries

Holy Trinity Worsley

 Our Lady of Hope, Salford

 St Ambrose Barlow, Swinton & Pendlebury


Secondary admissions - Closing on 31 October 2021

Admission Criteria September 2022

How to Apply

Name: School Admissions Team

Address: Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton M27 5AW

Telephone: 0161 793 2500

Contact Online at: School Admissions Team

For further information regarding the admission arrangements through the local authority: